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Festival 2015

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du 07/10/2015 au 11/10/2015

Fiction, deviation

At the source of experimental cinema, there are also surrealism, Buñuel, Dulac, Man Ray and many others who made use of actors, narration, staging and who contributed to turn the "cinema institution" upside down and outside its assigned aesthetical frame.  In this field where emerges the creative impulse they included all that is obscure in our minds, without a form or out of control. They created other fictions, other associations, other characters and other narratives which violently questioned the taste and conformism in place within the cinematic fabulation of their time. The thematic of this 17th festival edition will endeavors to explore how other mental spaces are built by resorting to fiction. There are of course in the background of such thematic the aim to question a certain definition of experimental cinema based upon the exclusion of narration and fiction.

Frédéric Tachou

As in the previous years, the festival will be organized around two axis : the first one is constructed around a given thematic while the second will present a selection of experimental films and videos made in 2014-2015. The call out for entries will be launched mid february 2015.