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Festival 2014

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du 01/10/2014 au 30/10/2014

This 16th edition of the Paris festival for different and experimental cinema will present programs of films in competitiion covering a wide spectrum of current alternative cinematic creation along with thematic programs focussing on some of the fondamental aspects at the core of the relation between music and different cinema.

Many filmmakers are being confronted to the association of images and music within their own practice. The public -and our public in particular- are more and more alert to that articulation thanks to an affluent critical production. This is why we would like to interweave the boiling relationships between those two arenas by presenting programs combining the past and the present. We will also organise meetings and cooperations between the music research and experimental cinema circles. Performances, cine-concert, expended cinemas and musical intervention will also be given an important space as part of our events.