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The DIFFERENT CINEMA Volume 3 DVD is witness to the inexaustible range of possibilities of contemporary filmmaking. The nine films selected for 10th anniversary of the Festival des Cinémas Différents de Paris are linked to the heritage of experimental film and the eternal quest for renewal; causes espoused by the festival. From the historical film Césarée by Marguerite Duras to more contemporary creations, this ensemble of films showcases work using various formats (super 8, 16mm, digital video) within the fields of traditional cinema and contemporary art from which the filmmakers have emerged.

Editor : Lowave

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  • Oeil lourd du voyage mécanique (2003)
    Augustin Gimel
  • Untitled N°1 (2005)
    Masha Godovannaya
  • Reste là! (2006)
    Frédéric Tachou
  • Bombardement le port des perles (2004)
    Richard Kerr
  • Desde la memoria (2003)
    Christina Von Greve
  • Cabinet (2007)
    Robert Todd
  • Empreinte (2004)
    Xavier Baert
  • Idéal (Fin de l’) (2000)
    Isabelle Blanche
  • Césarée (1979)
    Marguerite Duras