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Tell Me When You Die— un film de Nadia Granados / Amber Bemak /

Une exploration des nuances entre limites physiques et liberté, dans les contextes politique et corporel. Les interactions genrées sont décrites de façon satyrique.

TELL ME WHEN YOU DIE explores the juxtapositions between physical limitations and freedom, in both political and corporal contexts. It is about walking until you disappear into space. Being swallowed by sea, sky, or earth and the claustrophobia and intimacy of being surrounded by nature. We consider penetration as a cinematic rhythm, and experiment/perform being penetrated by air, water, fingers, and text. Thinking about porn as a genre which can be empowering or degrading in it’s engagement with women and their bodies, we use our own bodies to picture these extremes, at times our bodies are performing power and at times they are not. We also utilize our bodies in a satirical sense to experiment with presentations of gender, in relation to each other and our surroundings. Thèmes : performance, politics and protest, Queer, Sex and sexuality, What’s your Flavor? LGBTIQ experimental films

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Fichier Quicktime
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Tell Me When You Die

Amber Bemak
Fichier Quicktime · 00:11:52
Mexique — 2015