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Cock-Crow— un film de filmmakersgroup Zapruder /

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Every age spawns and feeds its dragon.
Unknown and obscure powers under which the simpliest and the most
ordinary gestures lapse. Men whose bodily existence becomes the place for implacable struggles. Depths impossible to plumb and therefore
admitted to participate in the holy economy.
Cock-Crow materializes the dreams of a little boy who is blameworthy
for what he sees.
It is the fall into an anterior world, a place of non-consolatory objectimages,
in search of the dragon to fight against.
Cock-Crow is a rite of passage from childhood to manhood.

Sara Masotti: Mum
Monaldo Moretti: Daddy
Nicolò Comini: Tiny little boy
Eleonora Amadori: Miss Eracle
Francesco 'Fuzz' Brasini: Mrs Organist / Padre Brasini
Ciro Salemi: Ciro Salemi
Elena Biserna: voice
Massimo Conti: Ris Conti
Lorenzo Ternelli: Commissario Ternelli
Istvan Zimmermann: Ris Zimmermann
Alessandro Sarri: Padre Sarri
Luca Scarlini: Padre Scarlini
Mirco Guidi: Agente segreto A
Davide Savorani: Agente segreto B
special participation of Polizia di Frontiera di Forlì
Written and directed by David Zamagni & Nadia Ranocchi
Photography Director: Monaldo Moretti
Scene design: David Zamagni Nadia Ranocchi
Editing: David Zamagni Nadia Ranocchi
Soundtrack: Francesco “Fuzz” Brasini, David Zamagni Nadia Ranocchi
Mix audio: Mattia Dallara
Compositing: Andrea “Mario” Marini
Cameras: David Zamagni
Stereographers: David Zamagni, Monaldo Moretti
Protesys: Istvan Zimmermann and Giovanna Amoroso
Leonardo Monti
39°Festival di Santarcangelo
Cristina Zamagni
With the support of
Regione Emilia-Romagna, Cultural departement
and with the support of Xing

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Fichier Quicktime
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filmmakersgroup Zapruder
Fichier Quicktime · 00:56:00
Italie — 2011