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Long Shadows— un film de Joshua Bonnetta /

Enfance au bord d’un lac comme une aquarelle.

Mention du Grand Jury - 12ème Festival des Cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux de Paris (2010)

Animating the frames of long lost and decaying home movies of the 1950's in watercolor, Long Shadows re-constructs these moments and gestures into haunted sequences, dreaming back through the seasons of a childhood spent on a northern lake. Radio transmitted tape loops created from site specific hydrophone and field recordings, along with piano, provide the aural accompaniment revisiting the location 60 years later in a dialogue between past and present. A loose recreation of the Vita-phone system of the 20's the soundtrack is pressed to vinyl record and performed as a double system work.

Jury Special Mention - 12th Paris Festival of Different and Experimental Cinemas (2010) Thèmes : animation, Suitable for children

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