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  • Visa de censure X (1968)
    de Pierre Clémenti
  • Corps Humain Le (2006)
    de Alexandre Larose
  • WWUE (2001)
    de Alexis Constantin
  • Homage to Magritte (1974)
    de Anita Thacher
  • Element (1973)
    de Amy Greenfield
  • Visages Perdus (1983)
    de Alain Mazars
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    Audiovisual ressources
    Festival 2011

    - DOMINIQUE NOGUEZ (1942-2019) par Raphaël Bassan

    Notre ami Dominique Noguez est mort, à 77 ans, dans la nuit du 14 au 15 mars d’un cancer.
    C’est l’homme, le militant, le penseur, le dandy qui a été à la base de la naissance et du développement, en France, d’une culture spécifique liée au cinéma expérimental.
    Lire le texte de Raphaël Bassan
    - CATALOGUE CJC 2018 par le CJC

    Un aperçu des films ajoutés au catalogue du Collectif Jeune Cinéma en 2018.
    Catalogue 2018
    - Jacques Monory (1924-2018) par Jacques Monory

    Nous apprenons avec tristesse le décès de Jacques Monory, peintre, photographe, cinéaste, survenu le 17 octobre dernier.
    Tout notre soutien à ses proches.
    EX (1968)
    - Déchets, rebuts, hors de notre vue ! - Brieuc Schieb par Brieuc Schieb

    On a demandé cet été aux réalisateurs proches du Collectif Jeune Cinéma une courte vidéo sur le thème de cette année : les déchets, les rebuts."

    VIDEO D'ANNIVERSAIRE, Brieuc Schieb (France, 2018, numérique, 2'30)
    - Déchets, rebuts, hors de notre vue ! par jAROD Unofisal

    "On a demandé cet été aux réalisateurs proches du Collectif Jeune Cinéma une courte vidéo sur le thème de cette année : les déchets, les rebuts."

    jAROD UNOFISAL (France, 2018, numérique, 1'26)

    - Déchets, rebuts, hors de notre vue ! par Tzuan Wu

    "On a demandé cet été aux réalisateurs proches du Collectif Jeune Cinéma une courte vidéo sur le thème de cette année : les déchets, les rebuts."

    L'ABJECTION, Tzuan Wu (Taiwan, 2018, Super 8 numérisé, 2'10)

    [Nouveaux dépôts]

    • Les Brebis enragées
      de Jean-Pierre Bastid
      - -
      Il n'y a pas de synopsis anglais pour ce film

    • ¡PìFIES!
      de Ignacio Tamarit
      2016 - 00:04:00 - 16mm
      ¡PíFIES! (from the Spanish slang, "mistake") is the kind of film I would like to see when I screen home-movies, but that I never end up finding. From clippings of my own collection of home- movies, I built a rhythmic collage where at first the focus was placed on the films technical problems: violent pans, out of focus, insane zoom-ins, abrupt cuts, or what would have been discarded by the autor instead of being kept in the final cut. However, ¡PíFIES! ends up being an eulogy to home-movie filmmaking, to the construction of these amateur handmade films, to the filmmakers who shoot their families, their exotic trips, their daily lives so that they are remembered.

    • Light Journey
      de Richard Gruetter
      1976 - 00:07:00 - 16mm
      Il n'y a pas de synopsis anglais pour ce film

    • Gemini
      de Jen Debauche / Manah Depauw /
      2009 - 00:06:05 - Fichier Quicktime

    • Body Split
      de Derek Woolfenden
      2005 - 00:16:00 - Fichier Quicktime

    • Yo-yo Rated
      de Derek Woolfenden
      2006 - 00:20:00 - Fichier Quicktime

    • Que Sera Sera
      de Derek Woolfenden
      2004 - 00:07:00 - Fichier Quicktime
      A cynical, quasi-misanthropic film which, despite its childish appearance, manages to enumerate and decline some of the bestial mythologico-historical collectivities which have emerged from the collective imagination: Collodi's donkeys, the rats of Hamelin, Circe's pigs, Panurge's sheep, Pavlov's dogs. Contemporary television resembles a gigantic farm; the lure of success and fame which it offers is analogous to Pinocchio's experience when he was assured that he would never have to work again (lifelong entertainment) - and was transformed into a donkey! Individuality does not exist; Don Quichotte is not alone in believing in windmills.

    • Mirodrome (Peepshow 1 et ...
      de Derek Woolfenden
      2005 - 00:08:00 - Fichier Quicktime
      A diptych whose two panels merge in an exterior-to-interior movement: billboards and neon signs solicit passersby and transform them into spectators of the boulevard's numerous and infernal sex dens, themselves a pure product of consumerism - an indissociable element of contemporary orgasmic pleasure. The first panel (Peep Show 1) takes a playful and ironic approach to the subject, while the second (Peep Show 2) - darker, dirtier and more desperate - applies a more chaotically incandescent treatment. Nocturnal wanderings, both internal and external; the critique of an existing urban landscape (the sex-shops of my neighbourhood, which stretches from Place Pigalle to Place Clichy) combined with the critique of a fictional landscape (the sex-shops of of New York and Los Angeles). These cinematic wanderings are the pretext for an inventory of the representation of the female body, as created by the masculine collective imagination and its libidinal ego - with a dose of cynicism and irony thrown in for good measure.

    • Vigilanti Cura
      de Derek Woolfenden
      2005 - 00:20:00 - Fichier Quicktime
      On the 29th of June, 1936, Pius XI addressed a pontifical encyclical entitled "Vigilanti Cura" to all the Catholic bishops in the United States. This encyclical was dedicated to "The Motion Picture" and justified his intervention by "the lamentable progress of the motion picture art and industry in the portrayal of sin and vice". I've appropriated the title of his encyclical for my film, putting it to a completely different use to that originally intended. The 'photogenic quality' of the Latin terminology has, however, been preserved and, as per Adorno: "like a neon light which has just been switched on, the commercial and promotional nature of contemporary culture glows brightly". Vigilanti Cura is an irreverent film; insolent and deliberately confusing; a grab-bag of immorality. The montage combines a range of archival imagery from Humanite magazine with images sourced from the media (the military parade of the 14th of July, the current sorry crop of political celebrities ...) or from the cinema (the automatic writing of a puzzle composed of motifs borrowed from existing films). Vigilanti Cura ... or merely a tacit admission of the downfall of contemporary man, drowning in a sea of political, social and religious fundamentalisms. Where is he to be found? Locked in a vis-a-vis with depression and ego. Psychoanalysis no longer serves as a pretext for the dissolution of sexual and social taboos; it now provokes withdrawal into an auto-reflexive isolation, to the extent that societal problems get frozen in the mirror of Auto-Medusification. The mirror has become our idol - let's destroy it!

    • L’homme qui danse
      de Stéphane Marti
      2007 - 00:15:00 - Fichier Quicktime
      Il n'y a pas de synopsis anglais pour ce film

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