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  • Visa de censure X (1968)
    de Pierre Clémenti
  • Corps Humain Le (2006)
    de Alexandre Larose
  • WWUE (2001)
    de Alexis Constantin
  • Homage to Magritte (1974)
    de Anita Thacher
  • Element (1973)
    de Amy Greenfield
  • In contextus (1976)
    de Stéphane Marti
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    Audiovisual ressources
    Festival 2011

    - COVID-19 par

    Pour rendre le confinement un peu plus agréable, nous avons mis à disposition plus de 250 films du catalogue de distribution du Collectif Jeune Cinéma, accessibles à cette adresse. Une grande majorité de ces films resteront disponibles après le confinement.
    - Ce dont le temps est fait par Diana Vidrascu

    Rétrospective des films de Diana Vidrascu

    Projection suivie d’une discussion avec Diana Vidrascu (cinéaste) et Paul Régimbeau (Mondkopf, musicien).
    Séance du 19 mars 2020 au Grand Action à 20h
    - D’ici, la mer nous semble lointaine par Nour Ouayda

    Programme de trois films proposés par Nour Ouayda

    Quand tu grandis dans une ville au bord de la mer, tu te positionnes toujours par rapport à elle. Est-ce que la mer est à l’ouest ou à l’est ? au nord ou au sud ? proche ou lointaine ? Tu observes toujours comment elle change d’emplacement selon ta circulation…
    Séance du 5 mars 2020 à La Clef Revival
    - HOMMAGE À DOMINIQUE NOGUEZ par Stéphane Marti

    À l'occasion de notre prochaine séance régulière, le 22 février, qui viendra clôturer le colloque "Avec Dominique Noguez" organisé par Antoni Collot, Stéphane Marti a écrit un court texte en hommage à Dominique Noguez, dont il a été très proche.

    (image tirée du Cinématon n°319 par Gérard Courant)
    Lire le texte de Stéphane Marti
    - Bande annonce ● 21e Festival des cinémas différents de Paris (2-13 oct. 2019) par Fabien Rennet


    21ème édition (2-13 octobre 2019)

    Le Grand Action | Centre Pompidou
    Le Shakirail | Ciné 104 | DOC |
    Cinéma l'Étoile | Institut finlandais | La Halle des Épinettes
    Bande annonce
    - Patrice Kirchhofer (1953-2019) par Raphaël Minnesota

    Patrice Kirchhofer est un cinéaste expérimental français, il était aussi un ami, un pair et un mentor.
    Patrice Kirchhofer doit être le seul artiste au monde à avoir refusé de vendre ses œuvres au Centre Pompidou.

    lire la suite du texte de Raphaël Minnesota

    [Nouveaux dépôts]

    • Flyhole
      2017 - 00:06:00 - Fichier Quicktime
      In this dual projection slide show of collaged imagery, FlyHole tells the story of a housefly who transitions into a man in order to cruise gay bars. Text and images are photocopied from the March 1985 issue of the adult, gay digest magazine, Manscape, including illustrations by Mike Kuchar. Text and images in FlyHole are appropriated from the short erotica, “The Dildo in my Pocket,” published in Manscape (March 1985). The original story is about a “woman” who “disguises herself” as a man in order to pursue the gay man “she” is in love with. Despite using outdated language and transphobic tropes, the story accurately depicts the concerns and fears many trans-masculine people have about passing, takes seriously the gay desires that some trans-masculine people have for men, and portrays the main character as a competent lover, capable of bringing a cis gay man—and, presumably, Manscape’s readers—to orgasm. Through the use of collaged images of flies onto sections of text from “The Dildo in my Pocket,” the main character is transformed into a housefly who transitions into a man. Through this alteration, the transphobic notion of trans people are grotesque is reworked into a science-fiction, anti-assimilationist parable. FlyHole holds onto Mascape’s trans-masculine history, while circumventing heteronormative gender-assignment.

    • 2019 - 00:07:00 - Fichier Quicktime
      With Kate Smith singing God Bless America looped in the background, experimental filmmaker Jack Smith starred as Rose Courtyard—a drag character based on Rose Kennedy—in his 1969 film, Song for Rent. In this adaptation, Barbarella Bush joins Rose in a campy exploration of US nationalism, queer assimilation, and denunciation. 

    • Sub Rosa
      de Robert Withers
      1975 - 00:22:00 - Fichier Quicktime
      Structured by a Bolex camera, a tripod, and a dance in the forest; camera springs and hot splices measuring frames. Music by Ciao Ciao World War: Humphrey M. Evans III and Robert Withers. Thanks for all the great years of Kodachrome. Music and film about 1975, combined in 2019.

    • Chemical Wedding
      de Robert Withers
      1975 - 00:08:40 - Fichier Quicktime
      A postmodern structural circle dance with Bolex and summer trees.

    • Splash
      de Thomas Allen Harris
      1991 - 00:07:00 - Fichier Quicktime
      A fable-like tale, Splash explores the interplay between identity, fantasy, and homosexual desire in pre-adolescence within the narrow confines of black masculinity. The tape is an exploration of the filmmaker’s psycho-social and sexual development within a society that encourages the consumption of whiteness and heterosexuality. Splash reveals how the family becomes the agency through which sexual repression and gender conformity are carried out.

    • Black Body
      de Thomas Allen Harris
      1992 - 00:05:00 - Fichier Quicktime
      Black Body is a harsh and compelling meditation on the contradictory values assigned to black bodies in American culture: they exist as both desired and feared, abject and powerful. The “black body” is a body whose surface reflects projected fears and repressed desires; as such, it exists as a site of ideological struggle, a surface which is simultaneously eroticized and denegrated. With nightmarish narratives and loaded terms hovering over an image of a naked torso bound with wire, Harris shows how these contradictory values continue to cripple and contort the self-image of blacks. The video conveys a powerful sense of confusion and trauma, the problem of inhabiting a body that is a cultural taboo.

    • Heaven, Earth & Hell
      de Thomas Allen Harris
      1993 - 00:19:00 - Fichier Quicktime
      Reflecting upon the figure of “Trickster” in African and Native American culture while recounting the story of his first love, Harris creates a graceful, deeply moving lament for the loss of innocence in a world without magic.

    • Dangerous Light
      de Robert Todd
      2012 - 00:07:00 - Fichier Quicktime
      Shards of light from an imaginary past.

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    • Flow
      de Robert Todd
      2015 - 00:07:00 - Fichier Quicktime
      Il n'y a pas de synopsis anglais pour ce film

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    • Life in the Shadows
      de Robert Todd
      2018 - 00:09:30 - Fichier Quicktime
      Active Elements at play, in toil, and retreat, seeking peace.

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