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  • Visa de censure X (1968)
    de Pierre Clémenti
  • Corps Humain Le (2006)
    de Alexandre Larose
  • WWUE (2001)
    de Alexis Constantin
  • Homage to Magritte (1974)
    de Anita Thacher
  • Element (1973)
    de Amy Greenfield
  • In contextus (1976)
    de Stéphane Marti
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    Audiovisual ressources
    Festival 2011

    - Patrice Kirchhofer (1953-2019) par Raphaël Minnesota

    Patrice Kirchhofer est un cinéaste expérimental français, il était aussi un ami, un pair et un mentor.
    Patrice Kirchhofer doit être le seul artiste au monde à avoir refusé de vendre ses œuvres au Centre Pompidou.

    lire la suite du texte de Raphaël Minnesota
    - DOMINIQUE NOGUEZ (1942-2019) par Raphaël Bassan

    Notre ami Dominique Noguez est mort, à 77 ans, dans la nuit du 14 au 15 mars d’un cancer.
    C’est l’homme, le militant, le penseur, le dandy qui a été à la base de la naissance et du développement, en France, d’une culture spécifique liée au cinéma expérimental.
    Lire le texte de Raphaël Bassan
    - CATALOGUE CJC 2018 par le CJC

    Un aperçu des films ajoutés au catalogue du Collectif Jeune Cinéma en 2018.
    Catalogue 2018
    - Jacques Monory (1924-2018) par Jacques Monory

    Nous apprenons avec tristesse le décès de Jacques Monory, peintre, photographe, cinéaste, survenu le 17 octobre dernier.
    Tout notre soutien à ses proches.
    EX (1968)
    - Déchets, rebuts, hors de notre vue ! - Brieuc Schieb par Brieuc Schieb

    On a demandé cet été aux réalisateurs proches du Collectif Jeune Cinéma une courte vidéo sur le thème de cette année : les déchets, les rebuts."

    VIDEO D'ANNIVERSAIRE, Brieuc Schieb (France, 2018, numérique, 2'30)
    - Déchets, rebuts, hors de notre vue ! par jAROD Unofisal

    "On a demandé cet été aux réalisateurs proches du Collectif Jeune Cinéma une courte vidéo sur le thème de cette année : les déchets, les rebuts."

    jAROD UNOFISAL (France, 2018, numérique, 1'26)

    [Nouveaux dépôts]

    • Transparent The World Is
      de Yuri Muraoka
      2019 - 00:07:18 - 16mm

    • Le Jardin des âges
      de Alain Mazars
      1982 - 00:48:00 - Fichier Quicktime
      Il n'y a pas de synopsis anglais pour ce film

    • Bathroom
      de Herbert Mathese
      1970 - 00:02:46 - Fichier Quicktime
      "Speech about cleanliness" according to its author. Two characters cramped in bathroom. Glamour trash. While Anne talks about her cats, and her mother, making up, Hans Christian tells while blowing into bathroom sink a scene film Boudu sauvé des eaux during which Boudu (Michel Simon) who has the mania to spit on the floor lenght of time in bookseller shop who saved the life of Boudu, is reprimanded by this one ; Hans Christian is recreating to his girl friend the dialogue between two characters' Jean Renoir film.

    • Goodbye Fantasy
      de Nadia Granados / Amber Bemak /
      2018 - 00:15:00 - Fichier Quicktime
      Goodbye Fantasy is about two bodies in relation to one another as they let go of multiple cinematic universes they occupy together. Transforming from a fantasy body to a dreaming body to a dying body, they enact different constellations of social and political power as they relate to each other within the tight construct of the frame.

    • Tell Me When You Die
      de Nadia Granados / Amber Bemak /
      2015 - 00:11:52 - Fichier Quicktime - on line
      TELL ME WHEN YOU DIE explores the juxtapositions between physical limitations and freedom, in both political and corporal contexts. It is about walking until you disappear into space. Being swallowed by sea, sky, or earth and the claustrophobia and intimacy of being surrounded by nature. We consider penetration as a cinematic rhythm, and experiment/perform being penetrated by air, water, fingers, and text. Thinking about porn as a genre which can be empowering or degrading in it’s engagement with women and their bodies, we use our own bodies to picture these extremes, at times our bodies are performing power and at times they are not. We also utilize our bodies in a satirical sense to experiment with presentations of gender, in relation to each other and our surroundings.

    • My Fuzzy Valentine
      de Ben Edelberg
      2018 - 00:05:00 - Fichier Quicktime - on line
      Put the Playboy centrefold in the hands of a Dyke and she will make her into a monster. A pulsating world of bug-eyed lesbian sasquatches and vaginal caves created from reclaimed textiles. Visual artist Allyson Mitchell’s shape shifting materials and colors explode off the screen on hand processed and scratched 16mm film.

    • Mom’s Clothes
      de Jordan Wong
      2018 - 00:05:37 - Fichier Quicktime - on line
      A nonfiction reflection on being out of the closet. As a queer person of color, it's taken me a long time to be as comfortable as I am through navigating forms of intimacy, gender, and self worth. It doesn't always get better, but you're beautiful however you decide to present, including the choice of garments you decide to wear.

    • La Mesa
      de Adrian Garcia Gomez
      2018 - 00:09:45 - Fichier Quicktime - on line
      La Mesa explores the intersections of memory, identity and queer desire.  Stories of a childhood in rural Mexico as told by the filmmaker’s father are interwoven with queered reenactments featuring the filmmaker as the romantic lead opposite the male actors of the old Mexican films and American Westerns from his childhood. 

    • 2019 - 00:07:00 - Fichier Quicktime - on line
      Some thousands of people are constantly connected via webcam, to share their thoughts, needs and desires live on cam2cam sites. In the immensity of the net human nature is unleashed.

    • Corps numériques
      de Jacques Perconte
      1998 - 00:37:00 - Fichier Quicktime - on line
      Il n'y a pas de synopsis anglais pour ce film

      Ressources web autour de ce cinéaste :
      les films de Jacques Perconte
      Arts plastiques et numérique

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