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HYMEN de C. Arcega à Galpao VB (Brésil)

HYMEN de C. Arcega à Galpao VB (Brésil)

Dans le cadre d'une exposition organisée par Ciné-Corps, Videobrasil et l'Institut Français.

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Date : 07/07/2018 à 20h00
Lieu : Galpao VB (Sao Paulo, Brésil)
Catégorie : hors les murs



le 03/06/2018 à 20h00

P R O G R A M :


APPROACHING FALL, October 2016, 16mm, 13min20sec, colour, sound

We approach the fall. We follow the lines of life into darkness, in hope of dawn.


PLAYING IN TRAFFIC, July 2017, 16mm, 6min40sec colour, silent

Three parts of The City – overlapping in Play. Rotterdam:

This film contains both unity and distance, a space to come together as we stand (and walk) apart, a reflection 
of our fragmented worlds that seem to overlap, a shared illusion of community, here rendered harmoniously.


SPRING SONGS, April 2017, 16mm, 13min30sec, colour, silent

Five rolls through Spring




MATTERS OF LIFE AND DEATH, July 2017, 16mm, 12min45sec, B&W, silent

Entering the envelope of life, and floating within its many layers.


FANTASIES, September 2017, 16mm 13min, colour+B&W, sound

Warmth in the foreground, in the shadow of ice. An homage to the fantastic, provided by others in art and life.

Date : 03/06/2018

Lieu : Spektrum, Bürknerstraße 12, 12047 Berlin U8 Schönleinstr.

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