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Vida Mehri

Vida Mehri est une artiste Iranienne. Née en 1984 à Téhéran, elle vit actuellement à Bruxelles.

Vida M is an Iranian female artist (1984, Tehran) who is currently living in Brussels, Belgium. She got her Bachelor in Architecture from Azad Art and Architecture
University in Tehran. In summer 2009 she left for Sweden to continue her Master in Fine Arts in Umeå academy of fine arts.
She works with various mediums following her coherent artistic concept.
Censorship, self-censorship, filters, dual identities, dislocation and finally the effect of social construction on shaping personalities are the core ideas of her art works.
She works with drawings, installation, mixed media and videos. Her works are indirect criticisms to the context from which she comes.
Currently she is working on her recent film besides doing her research with the title ”the magic of censorship” in Transmedia postgraduate program, Sint-Lukas
University, Brussels.

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