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M. Woods

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M. Woods is a media terrorist currently working on the Numb Spiral. The Numb Spiral is the point at which consciousness negates being, and a cruel illusion asserts dominance over the flailing senses. What begins as apathy, surreptitiously devolves into solipsism and nihilism, until the infected succumbs to the perception of total illusion. The Digital Sickness is the evil at the heart of mediated representation, and, in tandem with spectacle and the negation at the heart of the simulacra, the Digital Sickness marches onwards towards the eradication of the real and the propagation of its double.

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Titre Image Chromie Son Durée Année Ref CJC
Narc Fichier Quicktime Couleur Sonore 00:05:58 2011 11-060
Commodity trading part 1 of 3 (Election Day) Fichier Quicktime Couleur Sonore 00:15:30 2017 FCDEP2017