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Doris Chase

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Doris Mae Totten spent her youth in Seattle, going so far as to attend the University of Washington with aspirations of being an architect. During her second year she dropped out and married Lieutenant Elmo Chase. Shortly after the birth of her son Gary, Chase suffered what doctors referred to as a nervous breakdown, which happened because she wasn’t doing what she wanted to do, which was paint. With the encouragement of a counselor she started painting and in 1948 one of her paintings was accepted into the Northwest Annual Exhibition. While caring for her ill husband, Chase’s painting hours were limited and it was six years before she got her own show at the Seligman Gallery. Though she would get international acclaim with her 1961 show in Galleria Numero in Florence, Italy; shows in Japan and New York followed within the next few years.

Around the time of her first solo show in New York in 1965, Chase started to experiment with sculpture. Dancer Mary Staton used a set of Chase’s sculptures in some innovative choreography and Chase would help produce the film Circles, based on the sculptures. This was the start of her cutting-edge video work. Chase moved back to Seattle, hoping to be able to work on sculpture again. She retrained residence on both the east and west coast, working on video art and sculpture in each city respectively.

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Nationalité : Américaine


Titre Image Chromie Son Durée Année Ref CJC
Circles II - on line 16mm Couleur Sonore 00:08:00 1974 74-004
Dance Nine 16mm Couleur Sonore 00:04:00 1975 75-005
Tall Arches 16mm Couleur Sonore 00:06:00 1974 74-005
Dance Eleven 16mm Couleur Sonore 00:08:00 1975 75-006
Dance Four - on line 16mm Couleur Sonore 00:06:00 1977 77-001
Dance Frame 16mm Couleur Sonore 00:07:00 1978 78-003
Plexi Radar - on line 16mm N&B Sonore 00:07:00 1981 81-001