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Richard O’Sullivan

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Richard O’Sullivan is an artist in new media. He graduated from M.F.A. program in Film Production/Direction at U.C.L.A. Film School in Los Angeles (University of California in L.A.), and from the University of Warwick. His videos explore the meanings of place, and have focused on the contradictions of the Californian landscape. Other works have explored visual perception and video technology. The artist has also produced documentaries, which follow personal narratives. Work in this area includes the feature-length Cradle, the production of which was undertaken with the mentorship of Marina Goldovskaya.

Année de naissance :

Nationalité : Angleterre


Titre Image Chromie Son Durée Année Ref CJC
Present Tense Fichier Quicktime Couleur Silencieux 00:08:40 2007 07-045
Ferndale, Western Canyon, Los Angeles Fichier Quicktime Couleur Silencieux 00:12:14 2007 07-046
Canyon Time Fichier Quicktime Couleur Sonore 00:15:34 2004 06-059
Monitor Fichier Quicktime Couleur Silencieux 00:14:30 2009 09-013
Broken Windows - on line Fichier Quicktime Couleur Sonore 00:05:14 2009 09-012
Deck Fichier Quicktime Couleur Sonore 00:08:10 2010 10-013
T.I.: A Timescape Fichier H.264 Couleur Sonore 00:30:57 2011 11-029