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Jacques Perconte

Né  en  1974  à  Grenoble,    Jacques  Perconte  vit  et  travaille  à  aujourd’hui  à  Paris  après  avoir 
passé une vingtaine d’années dans le sud‐ouest.  
Jacques  Perconte  explore  le  corps,  le  paysage  et  la  couleur  à  travers  les  supports 
numériques.  Chaque  œuvre  trouve  naturellement  son  expression  adéquate  dans  la 
photographie, la vidéo, la création interactive, l’écriture ou la musique…  

Born in 1974 in Grenoble, Jacques Perconte lives and works in Paris after having spent many years in south-west.
Jacques Perconte explores the body, the landscape and the color through the digital supports. Every work naturally finds its expression an adequate medium : video, photography, interactive creation, writing or music, installations... After a very traditional introduction (drawing and painting), Internet and video were the great starting point (95-96). The site technart.net is the main (messy) interface. His work navigates between a writing of the fiction on various media and a formal research which exposes the image of the body and its exhibition on the support. The relation between the content and the form is never kept in the background even if today its work is much less theoretical than it was. The different works created, whatever is the medium always show much originality as well by their aesthetic qualities as by engagement in their realisations/executions. He frequently collaborates with other artists : among them Michel Herreria (painter), Didier Arnaudet (poet), Marc EM (musician), Hugo Verlinde (film maker)...

Année de naissance : 1974

Nationalité : France

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Contributions à étoilements :

- I Love You (étoilements n°9 / décembre 2009)


Titre Image Chromie Son Durée Année Ref CJC
Pauillac, Margaux - on line mini DV Couleur Sonore 00:11:00 2008 08-018
Uishet - on line mini DV Couleur Sonore 00:13:00 2007 07-009
Isz mini DV Couleur Sonore 00:17:00 2003 03-080
Le Passage - on line DVD Couleur Sonore 00:06:00 2009 09-003
Après le feu - on line Fichier H.264 Couleur Sonore 00:07:09 2010 10-017
Impressions Fichier Quicktime Couleur Sonore 00:48:00 2011 11-084