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Lowell Bodger

Lowell Bodger (1944-2010) était un typographe, peintre, professeur, et réalisateur.

Lowell Bodger (1944-2010) was a distinguished typographer, printer, and teacher who also produced an extraordinary body of short films that defy easy characterization. He began making 8mm films while growing up in Sheepshead Bay and moved on to 16mm production while studying at Pratt in the early 1960s. Bodger’s early works are exquisitely photographed and rooted in narrative; however he soon ventured forth into non-narrative animation, producing a number of truly remarkable, highly energetic films throughout the 1970s. During this period, he was actively involved with the Millennium Film Workshop and also screened at the Collective for Living Cinema among other venues. Bodger’s films are utterly entertaining, graphically complex, and almost scientific in their attention to detail, while his use of single-frame animation techniques and attention to color put him in a field all by himself.

Année de naissance : 1944

Nationalité : Américaine


Titre Image Chromie Son Durée Année Ref CJC
Wave Symmetries - on line 16mm N&B Silencieux 00:05:00 1971 71-001
Favorable Conditions - on line 16mm Couleur Silencieux 00:15:00 1973 73-002
Film with sun - on line 16mm Couleur Silencieux 00:19:00 1976 76-002