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Roberta Friedman

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Roberta Friedman is an independent filmmaker and film professor. Her academic and filmmaking interests include both documentary and narrative interactivity, as well as film preservation and migration of media. She has had a wide and varied media career, with work spanning a large assortment of film and video productions, which have been shown extensively in the United States and Europe, and have won awards. Her projects have ranged from the commercial, such as her work for George Lucas on Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back specializing in sparks, matte work, and swords, to the experimental, such as her interactive video The Erl King, the first interactive art piece, made in collaboration with Grahame Weinbren, which was acquired by the Guggenheim Museum for its permanent collection. Her series of video installations called Cosmopolis: 49 Waltzes for the World were installed in December 2013 at the Baryshnikov Art Center in NYC. These works shot in New York City, Beijing, Graz, Cairo & Detroit were all based on a graphic score by composer John Cage, encouraging the viewer/listener to listen to the sound of the city. Her experimental films made with Grahame Weinbren have been selected to be preserved and housed by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences in Los Angeles, California.

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Titre Image Chromie Son Durée Année Ref CJC
Bertha’s Children 16mm Couleur Sonore 00:07:00 1976 76-018