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Song of the firefly— un film de Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof /

Song of the firefly est un poème visuel composé directement sur photogramme, en utilisant uniquement des éléments végétaux ramassés dans un parc de Toronto. Le film cherche à donner le sentiment d’être projeté dans un champ par une chaude nuit d’été et de pouvoir assister à la danse lumineuse des lucioles.

Song of the Firefly is a visual poem which employs the cameraless photogram technique that Pruska-Oldenhof first explored in her 2001 film titled Light Magic. Song of the Firefly aims to engender the feeling of being transported to an open field on a warm summer night where the luminous dance of the fireflies can be experienced. The exuberant display of light created by the fireflies, which illuminates different portions of the field, also reveals fragments of the space in which we are contained, leaving us always waiting in anticipation to see more, just like in cinema. The appeal of the illuminated screen, onto which we project our most secret fantasies and desires, echoes the open field at night where the sexual energy is transformed into light by these tiny insects. The single discrete flashes and the continuous glow are a form of communication between the male and the female fireflies during the mating period where the female fireflies respond preferentially to males that possess these ‘sexy’ signal components (Branham and Greenfield 1996, Flashing males win mate success. Nature 381:745_746).

The photogram images in this film were created by using only plant material, which the filmmaker collected in a nearby park in Toronto.

Format de projection
35 mm
Tarif de location pour une projection : 20 €

Song of the firefly

Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof
35 mm · 00:05:00
Canada — 2002