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Souvenir l’oeil— un film de Denis Guéguin /

Souvenir l’œil se situe entre le journal intime et une réflexion visuelle autour de la naissance. Sous le signe d’un voyage en train durant lequel je m’endors, le film est dans la zone entre rêve et réalité. Mais ce n’est pas tant un voyage qu’un recueillement dans une région intime et sensorielle, un état d’avant la naissance, d’avant les images.
Narcissisme, hédonisme, rêverie sont les facettes lumineuses de cette vanité moderne qui ressasse obsession de mort, fantasme de dédoublement, et peur de quitter l’île…

Memory Eye is partly a personal diary and partly a visual meditation on birth. During a train trip I slip into slumber and am projected into the neither-dream-nor-reality-zone, where this short film takes place. This voyage is woven contemplation… deep, intimate, sensorial, pre-natal, pre-image contemplation.
Narcissism, hedonism, reverie, are luminous facets of our modern vanity. A vanity that broods over death with an undying obsession; a vanity smitten by split personalities, and frightened of the idea of abandoning the island.
Memory Eye is like a video-mirror of my own death. I watch myself die. It is like a photo from one’s childhood: it came; it went; it died, but it has become something else. Video permits massive stocks; life is duplicated. The myth of immortality is resuscitated—nothing escapes unchanged. Video montage allows a view of this transformation. And here lies its difference with photography. Video equals phoenixology. It is the science of reincarnation as invented by Salvador Dali and Jean Cocteau…
We burn. We burn to change to ash. And ashes must then become you, yourself. Rebirth from ashes. Memory Eye explores the cycle of birth and goes beyond the Self, beyond the World.

Format de projection
mini DV
Tarif de location pour une projection : 60 €

Souvenir l’oeil

Denis Guéguin
mini DV · 00:22:00
France — 1999