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Rise of the Machines — un film de Arina Efanova /

Meta-film de found footage présentant la révolution fictionnelle menée par la célèbre présentatrice de télévision russe, Ekaterina Andreeva. Cette présentatrice, devenue une icône et dont le rôle est associé au régime existant, est perçue comme une garantie de sa stabilité. Elle fait office de caisse de résonance du gouvernement, se faisant la traductrice des hommes de pouvoir sans jamais pouvoir parler elle-même.

Found-footage meta-film depicts the fictional revolution lead by the iconic Russian TV news presenter Ekaterina Andreeva, exploiting and simultaneously deconstructing cinematic tropes of female cyborgs.
Ekaterina Andreeva, who has become an icon and whose presence is associated with the established regime, is perceived as a guarantee of its stability. Her figure and her voice is the message of the most-watched TV news programme ‘Vremya’ (Time), as she has been appearing in almost every home in Russia at 9 pm for the last 20 years. She is commonly referred to as a ‘government loudspeaker’ as she translates the words of men in power and never speaks herself.
The problem faced by the main character in the film is the issue of distribution of logos. Ekaterina obtains subjectivity through learning to express her own pain and pleasure, she makes the step back from the symbolic system into the prelinguistic semiotic one, from which she denies language order of men and enters the poetic order.
The film itself is an exercise in meta-ideologisation - construction of obviously fake myth that in the process of naturalisation breaks the monologic status quo and unveils the process of ideology creation.

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