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Real-Time History— un film de Foundland Collective /

Real-Time History est un projet de recherche toujours en cours, qui a pour base l'analyse picturale, subjective, d'une petite sélection de vidéos Youtube qui sont prises en tant que preuves futures liées au conflit en Syrie. Pour cette vidéo, Foudland Collective s'est mis en chasse de possibles preuves vidéographiques qui auraient pu être utilisées afin de prouver la véracité ou non de l'utilisation d'armes chimiques lors de l'attaque de Douma, en avril 2018.

Real-time History is shown as a a video installation with publication. First screened at Ars
Electronica, Linz in 2018 and Impakt Festival 2018 exhibition. Made possible with the
generous support of the Impakt Festival, Post-truth edition.
Real-Time History is an on-going research project, based on subjective, image based
analysis of a small selection of Youtube videos which are thought to provide important
future evidence related to the Syrian conflict. The primary source of Youtube videos are
sourced from a web platform called Syrian Archives (www.syrianarchive.org) which
according to their website is “a Syrian-led and initiated collective of human rights activists
dedicated to curating visual documentation relating to human rights violations and other

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Fichier Quicktime