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Freude! ((n)joy!)— un film de Kunal Biswas /

Ce film décrit ce que le cinéaste observe lorsqu'il écoute L'Ode à la joie dans sa tête. Le film consiste en un montage d'éléments tournés par le cinéaste avec son iPhone à plusieurs moments de sa vie, dans différentes zones géographiques d'Inde.

“Freude” is a German word. In English it means “Joy”. We have coined this term from Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” which is the choral part of his Symphony No. 9 and lyric of which was originally written by the German poet Johann Christoph Friedrich Von Schiller.
“Ode to Joy” says about peace, brotherhood and divinity. Many leading musicologists consider it one of the greatest works in western music.  Council of Europe and European Union made it as their official anthem. And such examples can be given so many.
Freude! ((n)joy!) is a short experimental musical film which depicts what the  filmmaker is observing around him when he is listening “Ode to Joy” in his mind.
This film is consisted of the found footage taken by the filmmaker in his iPhone during the several moments of his life in geographically different places of his country.

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Fichier Quicktime
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