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Apprentissage— un film de Dionysos Andronis /

En mettant en parallèle les photos de son enfance avec des textes sociologiques sur les tabous sexuels révolus des années 50 en Grèce, Dionysos Andronis a voulu faire un film profondément absurde et doux amère. Ni pamphlet antihellénique, ni film autosarcastique, L'APPRENTISSAGE serait un geste non-sensique radical, mais qui peut suggérer l'universalité du dressage occidental de la sexualité et son expérience douloureuse dans cette culture. Jean-Jacques Attila.

My friend Dionysos Andronis sent me a video tape with this 53 minutes anthropological narrative on it. I am not sure if film adequately describes the sensory experience of viewing The Apprenticeship. We see a collection of photographs, stills from the early childhood of Dionysos. These stills are interrupted occasionally by pages from a calendar, beautifully numbered and accompanied by a child’s drawings. There are also five interruptions of moving image, which are of film leader. There are also two quick bursts of movement where we see a hand, or just a couple of fingers, turning the photographs over . Then there is the narrative, which is a text in both greek and english that tells the story of a strange tribe of people called the Greeks, and their fantastic obsession with bottoms. The film is occasionally hilarious, although one is never quite sure if it is delibaretely so, it may well be Dionysos’ point that the Greeks are hilarious. The film is always carefully beautiful, the faded colours of the highly personal photographs reminding us that there is no going back, that childhood only exists in memory – even for the child. That the Greeks are a nation with a particular sexual history becomes abundantly clear throughout the dry anthropological tone of the text. But the real power of this piece of experimental cinema is to uncover the truth : that ALL sex is strange . There is no soundtrack. None at all. But The Apprenticeship cannot really be called a silent film. My viewing of it was accompanied by great howls of laughter. And before I went to bed last night I checked my bottoms in the mirror, hmmm, not bad, not bad at all.

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