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Nothing like Ivanhoe— un film de Bug Davidson /

Variation rock n’roll des thèmes revisités du coming out, de l’amour et des héros…

Nothing Like Ivanhoe stabs at magical realism with a queer sound. Using genre tools and handmade props this short rejects the redundancy of story in our collective cinematic past to emphasize what many in the contemporary audience see as an exhausted narrative. A coming out story, a love story, a hero story; perhaps these things are Ivanhoe.
By leaving narrative behind, this short film employs a layering of dislocated audio visual clues to the viewer; clues that may lead to the solution that experimental film and queer existence have much in common. Thèmes : Queer, What’s your Flavor? LGBTIQ experimental films

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Fichier Quicktime

Nothing like Ivanhoe

Bug Davidson
Fichier Quicktime · 00:09:27
Américaine — 2012