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Daimon— un film de filmmakersgroup Zapruder /

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DAIMON is an invitation to open your eyes wide, till sickness
To consider eroticism gravily, tragically.
Eros is the Daimon par excellence,
but the term DAIMON doesn’t refer simply to a divine entity
in terms of its ethimology Daimon evokes ‘the ripper,
the one who divides and separates’
Daimon’s leitmotiv is therefore a tension, a conflict impossible to solve, connate with human nature, as ‘insolvable’ nature,
source of glory and ecxtasy of laughter and tears.
Erotism, sacriface, bliss , sorrow and death
are the elements which divide Daimon in sequences
The sum belongs to the sphere of the Impossible
a Georges Bataille’s fictional biography

Monaldo Moretti as G.B. Georges’ father, Padre Georges
Sara Masotti as Georges’ Mother, other female figures
Francesco Zanuccoli as G.B. child
Maria Zanuccoli as Georges’ Sister
Eleonora Amadori as Giant woman, Bird woman, other female figures
Francesco 'Fuzz' Brasini as Padre Brasini
Isabella Santacroce voice of Santa Caterina da Siena
and with
Claire Casadei,Monica Comandini, Sara Ferri , Vilma Montevecchi, Mathilde Neri
Nadia Ranocchi,Renato Casadei, Piero Re, Massimo Magnani, Gianni D'altri, Emilio Ricci, Maurizio
Magno, Pietro Magnani, Simone Cossu, Matteo Fantini, Orazio Festa, Mario Carraro, Filippi Rossi,
Ivan Belletti, Umberto Staccioli
written and directed by
David Zamagni & Nadia Ranocchi
Director of Fotography
Monaldo Moretti
David Zamagni
editing and dubbing
David Zamagni Nadia Ranocchi Monaldo Moretti
Scene Design
David Zamagni & Nadia Ranocchi
Sampling Audio
Giancarlo Bianchini (AZT)
Francesco 'Fuzz' Brasini
Sound Writing
Lorenzo Ternelli & Mattia Dallara
Stereoscopy advisor
Agostino Anfossi ( Anag3D)
David Zamagni Monaldo Moretti
LM cineserviCE

Format de projection
Fichier Quicktime
Tarif de location pour une projection : 144 €