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King Lost His Tooth— un film de Gheith Al-Amine /

Cette vidéo est un hommage subversif à l’oeuvre du peintre et poète beat Brion Gysin, qui a inventé avec William S. Burroughs la technique du “cut-up”.

This video is a subversive homage to the oeuvre of the british Beat poet and painter Brion Gysin, who invented along with William S. Burroughs the "cut-up" technique of writing; consisting of haphazard assemblage of words and phrases of a given paragraph taken from a book or an article.The first part of the video, follows the classic "cut-up" technique and for the second part, a special maneuver was developed that is slightly different from the Gysin/Burroughs linguistic invention; It's based on shuffling letters within words creating different sentences where nonsense and new meanings emerge through random or intentional syntax formations. Through out this stop motion animation, all rules of continuity are broken; hazy auto-focus, drastic change in lighting, all sort of jump-cuts, shadow of the animator reflected on the canvas... all this to break the dreamy/trance-like state of the viewer, to totally destroy the possible spectacular side of the video. "Repetition, permutation and demystification" is the name of the game. Thèmes : Humour, Music, Words and Literature

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King Lost His Tooth

Gheith Al-Amine
· 00:05:36
Liban — 2012