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Spitted by kiss— un film de Miloš Tomić /

L’histoire obsessionnelle des désirs inassouvis d’un jeune homme qui a littéralement decider de vivre dans la rue et de ne tomber amoureux que des filles qui passent dans sa rue.

Obsessive story about unfulfilled desires of a young man who has chosen to live literally "in the street" and to fall in love from a different perspective – only with girls who pass by that particular street.

Film “Spitted by Kiss” was nominated for student Oscar in 2007 as the representative of Czech Republic. Apart from the Audience Award at the ALTERNATIVE FILM VIDEO Festival in Belgrade, the film was also awarded a special prize at the International Short Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand in France in 2008, first prize at the festival The Week of Experimental Film "Semana de cine experimental" in Madrid in 2008, first prize at the Milano Art Film Festival in 2008, as well as the audience award at the Film School Festival in Beijing in 2008.

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