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My fingers grew and stuck to the asphalt— un film de Vida Mehri /

Le titre exprime une réaction soudaine à l'action violente et inattendue qui mène le personage principal à la mort. Ils menacent de contaminer la ville. Essai d'une jeune femme sur la vie en Iran.

The main character tells the story of her death in voice over:
The story describes a city that is about to be poisoned by “Them”. “Them” is an unidentified group, which remains mysterious throughout the entire story. In a metaphorical way, it represents the power, the so-called leaders; those who have
decided to kill the citizens.
- The main ambiguity that is raised is: why are they trying to kill the citizens?
As the story unfolds, the main character remembers her murderer. As a child, he had been her neighbor and was deeply in love with her. He later became one of the undercover militia responsible for the poisoning of the city. Coincidently, he ended up being the one chasing after her in the city.
- Why does he want to kill her? Why? Can’t they live side by side even if their ideas no longer coincide?
The film is a criticism of the non-democratic contexts in which there is no tolerance for different beliefs.

An essay about living in Iran by a young woman.

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