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Between images III (Laura and the black crystal suns)— un film de Helene Garberg /

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Between Images III (Laura and the Black Crystal Suns) is a culmination to earlier explorations of the image as object versus imaginary space. In this case, the virtual image has been my outset. The video uses fiction as a way to re-frame- or make the visual material exceed itself, while it poses a quite literal scenario: the subject of the text has fallen into a gap in the material world and is now caught between images. Cited in part / partly reinvented is George Sand’s early romantic fiction ‘Laura - a Journey into the Crystal’. Important to me, in my use of text in the video, is the sense of an inner dialogue or stream of consciousness that may take on ‘voice’ again in the viewer/reader’s mind. I have aimed to create an experience of images as both states of flow and transition – and worlds that momentarily materialise.
Between Images III, consists of video recordings and photos from a complex of caves – inverted to the visual negative; a bright white environment where sources of light become concentrations of black. A narrative is played out in subtitles. This combines elements from George Sand’s early romantic fiction “Laura – a Journey into the Crystal” with my own writing. A first-person narrator tells a looping story of falling into ‘a gap in the material world’ while daydreaming, and now being lost between images. The ‘voice’ of Laura, that occurs half-way into the video, becomes exchangeable for the first-person narrator, when the video loops. The video is soundless.

The work is the third part of an ongoing series in which I have aimed to explore the phenomena of the image - in this case, the virtual image. The video is as much an attempt at representing a state of mind, a subjective time or flow of duration. Through the use of fiction, I have taken the idea of accessing the interior world of images quite literally. ‘Between’ now refers to the leap between different image-worlds. Likewise, the editing attempts to follow a literal logic; namely that each image/scene is of limited spatial depth. When a character walks into the image/scenery, she eventually dissolves/disappears and there is a cut to the next image/scene.

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