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Festival 2018

- Trailer ● 20th Paris Festival for Different Cinema (3-14 oct. 2018) par Félix Fattal

20e Festival des cinémas différents et expérimentaux de Paris
du 3 au 14 octobre 2018

Le Grand Action | Centre Pompidou
Centre Culturel Suisse | ENSBA
Re:Voir / The Film Gallery | Le Shakirail
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[Jury - Festival 2018]

Claire Lasolle

After spending time as an assistant to the Christian Berst gallery and after leading workshops on broadcasting creative documentaries within popular education associations, Claire Lasolle co-founded Videodrome 2 (Marseille) and has been working for four years alongside its partners to support this alternative cinematic venue (with programming, development, and general coordination). She also works as a cofounder of MUFF, the Marseille Underground Film Festival that for the last three years has dedicated itself to experimental cinematographies and diverse musicals. For the past three years she has also participated in critical writing work for the Hors Champ during the documentary film portion of Les États Généraux (Lussas).

Daphné Le Sergent

Born in Seoul, South Korea, in 1975, Daphné Le Sergent leads an artistic and theoretical research around the notion of separation or schism, referring to both geopolitical borders and their possible interior disjunctions. Activating different methods of editing and de-editing, her work presents an analysis of the borderland as a phenomenon of perception. Daphné Le Sergent recently participated in the following expositions : “Noyalangue,” in the category Satellite #11 at the Jeu de Paume (Paris), CAPC Museum of contemporary art in Bordeaux, Museo Amparo (Mexico, 2018) ; Fotolimo (Cerbère/Portbou, 2017) ; « De l’Expérimental aux films-essais », Cinéma la Clef (Paris, 2017) ; « Le 6b dessine son salon », 6b, (Saint-Denis, 2017) ; « Republic of O-Sang », 11th Mega-Exhibition, Gwangju Biennial, (South Korea, 2016). She is a lecturer in the department of Photography at l’Université Paris 8-Vincennes-Saint Denis and a member of AICA.

Adeena Mey

Adeena May is a curator and researcher at the ECAL (Ecole Cantonale d’art de Lausanne). He was a member of the research project Schweizer Filmexperimente and is who we can thank for the series of expositions titled Film Implosion ! He also curated the exhibition Neo Geography I&II (at the Centre d’art Neuchâtel ; Ujeongguk, Seoul, 2017). He currently works at a publication from his doctoral dissertation titled The Cybernetisation of the Exhibition, Experimental Film and the Exhibition as Medium.

Dominique Willoughby

Filmmaker, artist, and professor/researcher in cinema at the Université Paris 8, he has directed as many as fifteen films in both digital and analogue formats since 1972. He has created painted films for a number of ballet performances at the contemporary dance company DCA - Phillipe Découflé. Member of the graphics group Bazooka in the beginnings of the 70s, he founded the Ciné-MBXA in 1976 as a space for experimental cinema programming and participated actively at the Melba review and the Paris Films Co-op. He was a co-founder of Cinédoc in 1979, which later in 1984 would be become the Cinédoc Paris Films Co-op where he currently acts as director. He notably published “Le cinéma Graphique” in 2009, and the “Alexeïeff, Écrits et entretiens sur l’Art et l’Animation (1926 - 1981)” in 2006.

Klaus Wyborny

Klaus Wyborny (b.1945) is a German filmmaker, known for his experimental films. He was co-founder in 1968 of the Hamburger Filmmacher Cooperative, which developed an European version of American underground cinema. He participated in the Documenta 5 in Kassel in 1972 with 5 films. In 1975, 1980-1982, 1986, 1992 and 1994 he participated at the International Forum of New Cinema in Berlin. He was also (2002, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015) represented at the Viennale Festival in Vienna. For his film "Studies for the Decay of the West" he received the Prix Walter Benjamin. Since 2012 he published three books with filmtheoretical writings.