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Festival 2020

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[21e Festival des Cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux de Paris]

du 02/10/2019 au 13/10/2019

graphisme : Marine Bigourie



21st edition (October 2-13, 2019)



This year's festival's direction, initiated by Laurence Rebouillon, is handled collectively by the team of the What's Your Flavor call for entry which has been, for the past five years, within CJC, committed to uncover LGBTIQ++ experimental works from today. These focus, both historical and contemporary, will bring to the forefront experimental films directed by film and video makers who define themselves as women and/or trans. The films unfold beyond the sole representations of LGBTIQ++ people, gender and sexuality, towards an extensive feminist theme, produced by flamboyant artists who embrace their bodies and identities. To say it in one sparkle, alongside with Chantal Akerman and Émilie Jouvet: there are many ways to bite the apple as long as you do it with your own agency.






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Catalogue 2019


Calendar and practical informations


Transcript of the  Jury's deliberation






Thanks to all the filmmakers, curators, artists, musicians and spectators for these two weeks full of rich discussions !

The President of the Collectif Jeune Cinéma Frédéric Tachou, the direction of the festival What’s Your Flavor, the manager of the festival Théo Deliyannis, want to thank :

For their support : la Mairie de Paris, la Région Île-de-France, la DRAC Île-de-France, le CNC,

The curators : Raphaël Bassan, Marie-Anne Campos (G.R.E.C.), Théo Deliyannis, Nicole Fernandez Ferrer (Centre Audiovisuel Simone de Beauvoir), Raphaëlle Giaretto, Isidora Ilic et Bosko Prostran (Doplgenger), Thibaud Leplat, Ina Lopez, Boris Monneau, Gloria Morano, Judit Naranjo Ribo, La Poudrière, Jonathan Pouthier (Films du Centre Pompidou), Gabrielle Reiner, Fabien Rennet, Ana Servo (MUFF), Frédéric Tachou, Derek Woolfenden (Curry Vavart), Tzuan Wu (The Other Cinema), et Kari Yli-Annala (FixCooperative) ainsi que l’équipe What’s Your Flavor : Apolline/Lawrence Diaz, Stéphane Gérard, Valentin Gleyze, Laurence Rebouillon,

The screening location and their team : le Centre Pompidou (Jonathan Pouthier), le Ciné 104 (Anne Huet, Patricia Godal), le Doc! (Agathe, Thibault), le Cinéma L’Étoile (Nicolas Revel, L’Abominable), le Shakirail (Derek Woolfenden et toute l’équipe volontaire, bénévole et collective de Curry Vavart), l’Institut Finlandais (Johanna Räman, Thomas Follain), et la Halle des Épinettes (Alexander Lebier, Loic Le Goff),

And of course all the Grand Action Cinema team for their unfailing support : Isabelle Gibbal-Hardy, Alexandre Tsekenis, Amaia Elisseche, Victor Bournerias, Nicolas Ranger, Pierre Filmon, Adrien Kassis, Nathan, et Anne Stell,

Manager assistance : Anaëlle Salem,

Our graphic designer : Marine Bigourie,

Our Press relation :  Mathilde Bila, 

Photograph : Raphaëlle Giaretto,

the volunteers : Lucile Coda, Constance Dreyfus, Gayané Ghougassian, Olivier Kerdiles, Simon Le Gloan, Mathilde Rouziès, et Antoine Tour,

"Gazette" redaction : Olivier Kerdiles,

Translation and subtitling : Regan Kramer, Théo Deliyannis, Jeanne Demeester, Felix Fattal, Patrick Fuchs, Stéphane Gérard, Olivier Kerdiles, Maura McGuinness, Thomas Prud’Homme, Fabien Rennet, Ina Lopez, et Anaëlle Salem,

Jury members : Sarah Adam, Isidora Ilic, Martine Markovits, Bosko Prostran, et Jim Stickel,

Jury members of the young filmmakers section : Julien, Cédric, Lola, Louis, Fanilo, Soumeya, Sara, Elise, Ludivine, and Judit Naranjo Ribo and Sylvie Ricros for the organisation, as well as Lonely Kid Quentin for his musical performance of our call for films

Also we want to thank the filmmakers, artists, curators, for their presence during the festival : Romy Alizée, Alexandru Petru Badelita, Catherine Bareau, Ludivine Bénézech, Kunal Biswas, bruce, Stefano Canapa, Alice Carabédian, Marcello Cavagna (G.R.E.C.), Marianne Chargois, Pablo-Martin Cordoba, Calypso Debrot, Camille Depince, Arina Efanova, Mahmoodreza Esmaili Zand, Félix Fattal, Laura Giapicconi, Alice Heit, Juha van Ingen, Danielle Jaeggi, Maxime Jean-Baptiste, Annika Kahrs, Arianna Komadina, Mervi Kytösalmi, Madeleine Lakits-Hetzel, Lucie Leszez, Chongyan Liu, La Chasse, Marie Losier, Pierre Merejkowsky, Rafal Morusiewicz, Elina Oikari, Julian Pedraza, Elodie Petit, Esmé Planchon, Olga Radic, Françoise Romand, Erin Rybal, Sammy Sayed, Maya Schweizer, Gabriel Serre, Ishrann Silgidjian, Milva Stutz, Katerina Thomadaki, Raphaël Toudji, Lichun Tseng, Jarod Unofisial, Dominique Willoughby,

And of course all the filmmakers whose films we showed and who could not attend our festival,

But also our partnerships : l’Etna, Taiwan Doc (Jessie Yang), Re:Voir (Pip Chodorov et Jim Stickel), L’Abominable (Yoana Urruzola, Julia Gouin, Nicolas Rey, Nathalie Nambot, Tomaz Burlin), Polychrome, Taipei City Government, Tënk,

The film distributors : Alternative Film Center (Milan Miloslavjevic), Av-Arkki (Tytti Rantanen, Vesa Puhakka), Centre Audiovisuel Simone de Beauvoir (Anna Dzhangyrian), Cinedoc ParisFilmCoop (Mélanie Forret, Garance Rigoni, Guy Fihman et Dominique Willoughby), Ciné-Tamaris (Stanislas Biessy), Cinetek, Electronic Arts Intermix (Karl McCool), le G.R.E.C. (Marine-Anne Campos, Sophie Walle), Harvard Film Archive (Mark Johnson), Heure Exquise (Martine Dondeyne), Le Peuple Qui Manque (Aliocha Imhoff), Light Cone (Clément Verrier, Mariya Nikiforova), Lux (Alice Lea), Video Out (Casey Wei),

And finally, for their ideas, support, equipment or film loan : Melissa Aller, Romain Baccari, Carolina Charry, Martha Colburn, Brenda Contreras, Olivia Cooper-Hadjian, Marjorie Couderc (Les Inattendus), Ximena Cuevas, Luciana Damiani, Camille Degeye, Louis Dupont, Kelly Gallagher, Maria Galindo, Patricia Godal, Victor Gresard, William Le Personnic (G.R.E.C.), Cédric Lépine, Maplo, Loren Martin, Sofia Martinez, Barbara Meter, Benjamin Pagier (Instants Chavirés), Jean-Philippe Plassard, Eric Redon, Sophie Walle (G.R.E.C.)


and those we are terribly sorry to forget !



with support from CNC - Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée, DRAC Île-de-France, Mairie de Paris, Région Ile-de-France, Afc, AV-arkki, Cinéma l'Etoile, DOC, La Halle des Épinettes, Est Ensemble, ETNA, FIXC, Grand Action, Le G.R.E.C., Institut finlandais, L'Abominable, MUFF, Re:Voir, Le Shakirail, Taiwan Docs, Taipei City Government, Tënk, Polychrome