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On Sunday April 18th, the two programmes on Transports will be presented online again on YouTube by Le Lieu Unique


With films of Lenka Clayton, Peter Stämpfli, ...
Date : 18/04/0021 à 16h00
Place : ONLINE - YOUTUBE le lieu unique
Category : hors les murs

A NOS PARTS ABSENTES by Mariette Auvray at online exposition J'aurais voulu être un artiste

Une expo sur l'art durant les périodes de confinement commissariée par Véra Léon.


A NOS PARTS ABSENTES est visible sur la salle virtu... Read more...
Date : 13/04/2021 à 10h00
Place :
Category : hors les murs



le 07/05/2018 à 17h00


Section Sylvestre

Portugal Premiere

Screenings : 26 avril à 18h45

and 7 mai à 17h00

Programme :

  • Four Parts of a Folding Screen (2018)
    de Ian Wiblin, Anthea Kennedy
  • Date : 07/05/2018

    Lieu : Cinema São Jorge Av. Da Liberdade, 175, Lisboa


    le 23/10/2015 à 20h00


    MUE(S), Frédérique Menant, France, 2015, 10’   (PROG 6)

    NEITHER GOD NOR SANTA MARIA, Samuel M. Delgado & Helena Girón, Espagne, 2015, 12’ (PROG 5)

    ARCHIPELS, GRANITES DENUDES, Daphné Hérétakis, Grèce – France, 2014, 25’20’’ (PROG 8)

    REARRANGED, Ewa Górzna, Finlande, 2014, 9’50’’ (PROG 7)

    L’ŒIL DU CYCLOPE, Jen Debauche, Belgique, 2015, 50’ (PROG 4)



    BROUILLARD - PASSAGE #15, Alexandre Larose, Canada, 2014, 10’ (PROG 1)

    FRIEDRICHSFELDE OST, Milica Jovcic & Nenad Cosic, Serbie – Croatie, 2014, 3’50 (PROG 7)



    HALLUCINOGÈNE, Yvan Maratka, France, 2014, 17’20

    VOITURES, Andreï Tachou, France, 2015, 4’10 

    PANIQUE À BORD, Sinan Nercam, France, 2015, 2’10 

    Date : 23/10/2015

    Lieu :


    le 06/02/2015 à 20h00

    A series of films and videos on the ideas of displacedgeographies, soundscape  narratives and images without cameras
    Foveal Experiments showcases experimental films and video from India and archive of Collectif Jeune Cinéma, an organisation based in Paris. A collaboration between Charu Maithani and Julia Gouin, the project exhibits a curated selection of video and films to be shown in Delhi and Paris as continuous and special screenings.
    Foveal Experiments is an attempt to understand the viewing modalities of experimental cinema, video and artists films. This series of screenings were originally thought as a way to initiate an exchange of contemporary films and videos between India and Western Europe. Indeed, the field of experimental and essayistic cinema remains largely dominated by North American productions reinforcing a certain idea and frame of reference for the current experimental cinematic practices.
    The project is an attempt to understand the changing and already changed modes of viewing moving image in museums and art galleries. A large number of galleries, museums and art organisations are creating spaces for film viewing.  Do films and videos have a different impact on the viewers based on where it is watched? What is relevance of a collective experience of watching when mobile devices like phone and tablets are increasingly becoming a more popular viewing device? Does the film history combine become a part of art history or vice versa? – These are a few questions that the project seeks answers to in an attempt to throw light on the interfaces through which we experience media and its connection to history and culture.
    The project presents three programs with a range of contemporary filmmaking practices from filmmakers and artists working with different aesthetics, format and registers. Making a visual mix-tape, the films compiled under three modalities allows different positions and interpretations of the concept to be presented.
    The first part of this series of program is presented in New Delhi in February while a second part will be screened in Paris in March 2015.
    This program is curated by Charu Maithani and Julia Gouin.

    Introduction (pdf)

    Booklet (pdf)

    Program #1 : Displaced Geographies

Encounters with Landscape (3x) (2012), Salomé Lamas, 29’/ 
Painted Diagram of a Future Voyage (Who Believes The Lens?) (2013), Mochu, 5’/ 
Night Noon (2014) Shambhavi Kaul, 12’
/ Rumaging for Pasts: Excavating Sicily, Digging Bombay (2001) Ashish Avikunthak, 27’
/ Wolkengestalt (2007), Silvia Maglioni & Graeme Thomson, 12’
/ Saras (2012), Sahej Rahal, 1’45
/ Narmada (2012) Manon Ott & Grégory Cohen, 40’


    Program #2 :

    Soundscape Narratives
Mount Song (2013), Shambhavi Kaul, 9’
/ A Film (2012), Franziska Kabisch, 3’3
/ Nayi Kheti (2013), Pallavi Paul, 11’
/ Chicxulub - Tierra Extraterrestre (2013), Helene Garberg, 6’30
/ A New Song for Nilli (2013), Sindhu Thirumalaisamy, 11’25/ 
I am Micro (2012), Shumona Goel & Shai Heredia, 15’
/ Notes Via a Soundscape of Bollywood (2014), Gilles Aubry, 32’40/ Kalighat Fetish (1999), Ashish Avikunthak, 23’


    Program #3 : Images without camera
K (Rêves Berbères) (2007), Frédérique Devaux, 4’
/ Noise Reduction II: Chinatown (2014), Rahee Punyashloka, 15’43
 / Transit (2011), Sabrina Ratté, 4’06/ 
Satyagraha (2010), Jacques Perconte, 6’
/ Herbe (2014), Les Ballets Russes, 3’
/ Tube Tracks #3 (Blind Data) (2013), Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson, 12’
/ The Invention of the Desert (2014), Thibault Le Texier, 7’10
/ Code Work (2006), Abhishek Hazra, 6’23/ 
The Uprising (2014), Peter Snowdon, 80’




    Programme :

  • de
  • The Invention of the Desert (2014)
    de Thibault Le Texier
  • K (Rêves Berbères) (2007)
    de Frédérique Devaux
  • Mount Song (2013)
    de Shambhavi Kaul
  • Transit (2011)
    de Sabrina Ratté
  • Satyagraha (2009)
    de Jacques Perconte
  • Chicxulub - Tierra Extraterrestre (2013)
    de Helene Garberg
  • Wolkengestalt (2007)
    de Graeme Thomson, Silvia Maglioni
  • Date : 06/02/2015

    Lieu : Khoj international artist association (New Delhi)

    Screening : The view from our house (2013) Anthea Kennedy and Ian Wiblin

    le 03/06/2014 à 18h30

    Screenings :

    Tuesday,3rd June 2014 at 18.30: The View from Our House (2013, 76 mins.) and Bag of a Thousand Pockets (2002, 8 mins.)

    Tuesday, 3rd. June 2014 at 14.30: The View from Our House, screening as part of City Symphonies: London, Paris, Berlin and New York

    All welcome to both screenings. Admission free

    "... a haunting and quietly moving essay film that revolves around the
    memories of a young woman growing up in Nazi-era Berlin. ...a film that
    sorrowfully re-creates the texture of everyday life."
    (Edward Lawrenson, Rotterdam Film Festival)

    “My bag has a thousand pockets. In each one is a memory.”
    These words are spoken by the filmmaker's father during this short film
    in which he recalls brief and fragmented memories of his life in Germany
    before being forced into exile.

    Birkbeck Cinema  43 Gordon Square  London WC1H 0PD

    Map and directions:

    For further information about the films:

    The View from Our House (2013) 76 mins.

    Bag of a Thousand Pockets (2002) 8 mins.


    London Screen Study

    Date : 03/06/2014

    Lieu : London screen archives

    le 17/10/2013 à 16h00

    Programme :

  • Hors-Jeux (1980)
    de André Almurò
  • Avis de recherche
    de André Almurò
  • L’ Inopiné (1987)
    de André Almurò
  • Le Troisième Oeil (1989)
    de André Almurò
  • Date : 17/10/2013

    Lieu : LE FORUM DES IMAGES - FORUM DES HALLES, 2 rue du Cinéma, Paris 1er

    FROM CINE TRACT TO TUBE-TRACT : a workshop proposal by Silvia Maglioni and Greame Thomson

    le 14/05/2013 à 19h00

    For this practical workshop – which continues on from research we contributed to the collective project AND...AND...AND at dOCUMENTA(13) – we would like to look at how a particular genre of militant cinema (the ciné-tract) and a related « pedagogy of the image » (notably in the work of the Dziga Vertov Group), might be taken up and rethought within the context of contemporary viral and social media in order to complexify the way social struggles and resistance movements are presented. Considering forms of montage that work to arrest or derail communication and information flow, our aim is to look at how a renewed underground cinema of capture and « detournement », a genre we could call the “tube-tract”, might formulate a political-poetic language to address symptoms of crisis, create new affects and new forms of collective awareness.

    Participants are advised to bring their own laptops. 

    Free entry

    Silvia Maglioni & Graeme Thomson (Terminal Beach)

    Point Ephémère

    Date : 14/05/2013

    Lieu : Le Point Ephémère

    le 07/02/2013 à 20h15

    Ciné 104

    Date : 07/02/2013

    Lieu : Ciné 104 - 104 avenue Jean Lolive - 93500 Pantin - Métro Eglise de Pantin

    UNDERGROWTH by Robert Todd : best experimental documentary at Jihlava film festival

    le 28/10/2012 à 20h00

    UNDERGROWTH by Robert Todd is awarded the best experimental documentary prize at Jihlava Film Festival. The jury members were: Petr Skala, Hana Skalová, Bohdana Kerbachová.

    Jihlava Documentary film festival

    Programme :

  • de
  • Date : 28/10/2012

    Lieu : République Tchèque

    le 13/10/2012 à 14h45


    Date : 13/10/2012


    Re opening of the film gallery

    le 10/09/0012 à 20h00


    Date : 10/09/0012

    Lieu :

    Rue des Petites Maries de Laurence Rebouillon au festival Silhouette

    le 08/09/0012 à 20h00

    Programme :

  • Rue des Petites Maries (2003)
    de Laurence Rebouillon
  • Date : 08/09/0012

    Lieu : Festival Silhouette, Buttes Chaumont

    Are we there yet? by Moira Tierney screened in Baltimore

    le 25/08/0012 à 20h00

    SCENE MISSING exposes the enduring tradition in experimental cinema of repurposing found and original film footage. The medium is masterfully recycled by means of chemical and optical manipulations. Frame by frame, the filmmakers’ devotion to celluloid involves an intensely personal quality and handcrafted integrity. Emotional resonance projects through the envisioning of ephemeral worlds, excavation of collective memory and disruption of narrative artifice. The beauty of what is long gone or recently passed is resurrected through unique film spaces that overwhelm the senses.



    Poor Jim
    By Kenny Curwood
    2012, 16mm, b/w & color, sound, 9m
    Poor Jim started as one 100 foot roll of hi-con (shot for a music video). Through optical printing, the footage morphs from the original b&w negative, to positive (b&w), to synthetic color (via multiple passes through filters), finally decomposing into abstract mandalas created by exposing each frame up to 9 times. Interspersed throughout is hand-drawn animation. Optical sound was added with a 70-year-old Auricon camera. - Kenny Curwood

    Make them Jump
    By Kelly Spivey
    2009, 16mm, color, sound, 11m
    ‘Excerpted from an optically printed from found footage of animals with children, with subliminal messages … an experimental film that uses snippets from discarded educational films including a bullfrog-jumping contest, a story of a child in a Harlem project who finds an abandoned duck, and a girl whose best friend is a cow. Inspired by the Rachel Carson quote: “It is a wholesome and necessary thing for us to turn again to the earth and in the contemplation of her beauties to know the sense of wonder and humility,” the film digs frame-by-re-photographed-frame for the underlying, yet now tenuous beauty in nature and our awkward, yet increasingly poignant relationship with animals.’ – Kelly Spivey

    Gossamer Walls
    By Malic Amalya and Peter Miller
    2007, 16mm, b/w, sound, 5m
    Image by Malic Amalya, Sound by Peter Miller
    'Through the process of contact printing, hand processing, and low-fi optical printing, Gossamer Walls remembers, mis-remembers, and reinterprets a previous generation’s super 8 home movies.' - Malic Amalya

    Are We There Yet?
    By Moira Tierney
    2010, S8mm-to-16mm, color, sound, music by Macdara Smith & the Bahh Band, 10m
    ‘The optic printer broke down, repeatedly. It stuttered, it jumped, it stuck; I rewound, started again, reloaded … In the end I kept it all in – the jumps and the flares as well as the conventionally well-behaved footage; for me it represents the apparent paradox of the border and the struggle one faces when attempting to describe something that slippery – landscape? political imposition? colonial hangover? to be avoided in polite conversation? fact of fiction? comedy, tragedy or farce? to which the only answer I could find is another question: are we there yet?’ – Moira Tierney

    Inside Velvet K
    By Luther Price
    2006, 16mm, color, sound, 10m
    ‘Apocalyptic post card ...........’ – Luther Price

    Her Fragrant Emulsion
    By Lewis Klahr
    1987, 16mm, color, sound, 11m
    'Her Fragrant Emlusion is an obsessional homage to the 60′s B-film actress Mimsy Farmer.' – Lewis Klahr.

    Outer Space
    By Peter Tscherkassky
    1999, 16mm, b/w, sound, 10m
    ‘A woman, terrorized by an invisible and aggressive force, is also exposed to the audience’s gaze, a prisoner in two senses. Outer Space agitates this construction, which is prototypical for gender hierarchies and classic cinema’s viewing regime, and allows the protagonist to turn them upside down. (…) Flickering images, everything crashes, explodes; perforations and the soundtrack are engaged in a violent struggle. (…) The story ends in the woman’s resistant gaze.’ – Isabella Reichert


    Keep the Home Fires Burning
    By Ryan O’Toole
    2008, 16mm, b/w & color, sound, 8m
    ‘A short autobiographical 16mm film about duty and loss, seen in the home movies of a military family. Focusing on fathers and sons, the filmmaker mixes the voices and imagery of three generations, accompanied by the filmmaker’s original score, to illuminate the effects of war on veterans and their children.’ – Ryan O’Toole

    The Exquisite Hour
    By Phil Solomon
    1994, 16mm, color, sound, 14m
    ‘Partly a lullaby for the dying, partly a lament of the death of cinema … [it] is dedicated to the memory of my grandparents, Albert Solomon, who was a projectionist for Fox, and Rose Solomon, who took tickets at Lowe’s Paradise in the Bronx. Based on the song by Reynaldo Hahn and poem by Paul Verlaine.’ – Phil Solomon

    Date : 25/08/0012

    Lieu : Sight Unseen Baltimore

    Pierre Merejkowsky - Court-circuit/Arte

    le 01/08/2012 à 20h00

    Pierre Merejkowsky reviews his first short film shot in 1977  "Scène de ménage chez les gauchistes", realised with a community set up for the occasion.

    mercredi, 1 août 2012 à 05:00
    Pas de rediffusion
    (France, 2012, 5mn)
    ARTE F

    Court-circuit/ arte

    Date : 01/08/2012

    Lieu : Arte


    le 31/12/2012 à 00h00

    Date : 31/12/2012

    Lieu :

    le 14/05/2012 à 20h00

    Date : 14/05/2012

    Lieu :


    le 04/06/2012 à 20h00

    A screening at Bernardins College organised collaborativelly by Rodolphe Olcèse and Lowave.

    Ismaïl Bahri, Helga Fanderl and Marylène Negro will be present.

    Date : 04/06/2012

    Lieu : Collège des Bernardins

    Parisian Experiment, the CJC at the 59th Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival

    le 02/04/0012 à 23h00

    A program curated by Dunja Jelenkovic, in presence of Laurence Rebouillon.

    It's Time for New Images!

    Different cinema, experimental film, avant-garde, other cinema, independent, personal, underground, activist, parallel, new, singular, militant, creative, art film! Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival is proud to present to its audiences Collectif Jeune Cinéma: the oldest France's filmmakers' co-op, founded in 1971 in Paris. Inspired by the model of the Filmmakers' Coop in New York, Collectif Jeune Cinéma is devoted to distribution and promotion of experimental practice in moving images and filmmaking in order to always present without discrimination all the forms of filmmaking that are otherwise marginalized by the official culture.


    The program chosen for the 59th Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival consists of eight works from the Collectif Jeune Cinéma's catalogue. It is a diverse selection that aims to present various contexts of different and experimental images – from a poetic story Little Mary Street (France, 2003) by the cooperative's president Laurence Rebouillon, to Guiding Fictions (Mark Street, USA, 2002) a five- minute short that will take us on a dream-like walk in a park of visual beauty and twisted reality. French filmmaker Patrick Bokanowski, known for his use of the technique of reflective mirrors, through which he films a completely distorted reality, will be presented by his short At The Edge of the Lake (France, 1994). Bokanowski collects rounded, blown or hammered shards of glass through which to film, and then manufactures optics and experiments with reflective surfaces, mirrors (both stable and moving), and mercury baths. We will also see enjoyably slow works Maldoror (Colombia, 2006), originally an installation video for three screens inspired by the 19th century prose poem The Songs of Maldoror (Comte de Lautréamont/ Isidore Ducasse) and Boundary (Devin Horan, USA, 2009), a non- narrative mood story caught betweenimages and sounds of a night in a remote landscape near Latvian- Russian border. A tribute to Black Power, Black's Back (Derek Woolfenden, France, 2009), uses sequences from Hollywood movies and has a rather different rhythm and style than the other films in the program. Since 2011 marked the 40th anniversary of the Collectif, the program selected for Belgrade includes films from different periods of the cooperative's history, spanning from the year 1979 (Robert Cahen's Arrêt sur marche) to Tanatchai Bandasak's Schip (Thailand, 2010), one of the laureates at the latest, 13th Paris Festival of Different and Experimental Cinemas (festival organized every December by the cooperative).

    Programme :

  • Rue des Petites Maries (2003)
    de Laurence Rebouillon
  • Guiding fictions (2002)
    de Mark Street
  • Au bord du lac (1994)
    de Patrick Bokanowski
  • Maldoror (2006)
    de Lucio Molinari, Daniel Alzate-Romero
  • Boundary (2009)
    de Devin Horan
  • Black’s Back (2009)
    de Derek Woolfenden
  • Arrêt sur marche (1979)
    de Robert Cahen
  • Schip (2010)
    de Tanatchai Bandasak
  • Date : 02/04/0012

    Lieu : 59th Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival

    La Notte e il Giorno, by Gianni Castagnoli at the Cinéma du Réel

    le 29/03/0012 à 14h00

    La notte e il Giorno de Gianni Castagnoli va être projeté dans le cadre de la séance A nous la vie n#5 au Cinéma du Réel.

    A nous la vie

    Le cinéma politique italien des années 70

    Dans l’effervescence politique des années 70 en Italie, les cinéastes, les militants, les artistes, s’emparent du cinéma et de la vidéo nouvellement apparue. Des réalisateurs les plus confirmés comme Pier Paolo Pasolini ou Vittorio De Seta, le maître du documentaire italien, aux figures les plus marquantes de la contreculture audiovisuelle comme Alberto Grifi, en passant par la nouvelle génération de Marco Bellocchio, c’est tout le cinéma italien qui s’engage dans la passion politique et l’utopie pour s’emparer de la vie.
    Avec la collaboration de Federico Rossin.

    Programme :

  • La Notte e il giorno (1976)
    de Gianni Castagnoli
  • Date : 29/03/0012

    Lieu : Centre Pompidou

    Senses of cinema #61 is online

    le 31/01/2012 à 00h00

    Issue #61 of Senses of cinema is now available on-line with texts by and about several CJC's members:

    - Cinema and Abstraction: From Corra to Hugo Verlinde de Raphaël Bassan sur les oeuvres de Christian Lebrat, Pip Chodorov, Philippe Cote, Dominik Lange et Hugo Verlinde.

    - Keeping Experimental and "Different Cinema" Alive! An Interview with Marcel Mazé de Viviane Vagh

    Senses of cinema

    Date : 31/01/2012

    Lieu :


    le 12/11/2011 à 21h30

    In the contest of the exchange program proposed by  L'Alternativa Film Festival, on Saturday, November, 12th at 9:30 pm, CJC will present a program of recent films from its catalogue.

    Screening presented by Gloria Morano.


    Programme :

  • Satyagraha (2009)
    de Jacques Perconte
  • Le Brâme du cerf (2002)
    de Bernard Cerf
  • Desde la memoria (2003)
    de Christina Von Greve
  • I Wanna Be Your Rom (2003)
    de Guillaume Tisseyre, Rodolphe Olcèse
  • Devilish Cheat - Statue Smashed Face (2011)
    de Fabien Rennet
  • Paysages Liminaires (2010)
    de Daphné Le Sergent
  • Il était une fois l’écologie (2010)
    de Pierre Merejkowsky
  • Black’s Back (2009)
    de Derek Woolfenden
  • Date : 12/11/2011

    Lieu : L'ALTERNATIVA FIM FESTIVAL, Barcelone, Espagne

    CJC 40 YEARS : THE WORLD TEST - 'carte blanche' at CJC at Fabrice Lauterjung's studio, Lyon

    le 08/11/2011 à 20h00

    Screening presented by Damien Marguet 5 films questionning differently the cinema possibilities of recording and representing the world. Mixing up recording, inscription and creation, their authors keep being at the limit of experimental cinema and documentary film.

    Le Corps Humain de Alexandre Larose

    Aurélia Steiner (Melbourne) de Marguerite Duras

    America #3: Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness de Moira Tierney

    Quixote de Bruce Baillie

    Fête d'anniversaire des parents de Dominik Lange

    Trusted de Peter Snowdon

    Programme :

  • Le Corps Humain (2006)
    de Alexandre Larose
  • Aurélia Steiner (Melbourne) (1979)
    de Marguerite Duras
  • AMERICAN DREAMS #3: Life, Liberty & the pursuit of happiness (2001)
    de Moira Tierney
  • Quixote (1965)
    de Bruce Baillie
  • Fête d’anniversaire des parents (2003)
    de Dominik Lange
  • Date : 08/11/2011

    Lieu : Atelier de Fabrice Lauterjung, 41, rue Pierre Dupont 69001 Lyon


    le 25/09/2011 à 20h00

    Screening presented by Laurence Rebouillon and Bernard Cerf How to elaborate a sound work when, for example, some films as Super-8 are silent or when the handcrafted labs work or the digital editing supplant the shooting and create a peculiar animation and rhythm? These constraints or desires stimulate some filmmakers to thwart the expectations of a classical linear narration in order to propose an asynchronous experience betweenimage and sound and to create this way films getting away from any dogmatic and unequivocal perception of the world. - "Vestibule" by Ken Kobland - "My Room le Grand Canal" by Anne-Sophie Brabant and Pierre Gerbaux - "Pur fantôme" by Sébastien Durand - "Avril 99" by Bernard Cerf - "Le Sourire d’Alice" by Laurence Rebouillon

    Centre Pompidou

    Programme :

  • Vestibule (1978)
    de Ken Kobland
  • My Room Le Grand Canal (2002)
    de Anne-Sophie Brabant, Pierre Gerbaux
  • Pur Fantôme (2003)
    de Sébastien Durand
  • Avril 99 (1999)
    de Bernard Cerf
  • Le Sourire d’Alice (2000)
    de Laurence Rebouillon
  • Date : 25/09/2011

    Lieu : Centre Pompidou - Cinéma 2


    le 25/09/2011 à 17h00

    Screening presented by Marie Sochor and Damien Marguet From the daily gesture to the original ceremony, these films question the female representation through the prism of strangeness. - "La femme rouge vomit ses mots" by Marie Sochor - "Sonja" by - "The Shape of the Gaze" by Maïa Cybelle Carpenter - "Autoportrait en 3’23" by Cécilia Rodriguez - "La Princesse est indisposée, elle ne reçoit personne" by Gabrielle Reiner - "Pandrogeny Manifesto" by Dionysos Andronis - "Boucle noire" by Denis Guéguin - "Appolénus" by Baptiste Lamy - "Rosée Nocturne" by Jean-Paul Noguès - "Day's night" by Catherine Corringer

    Centre Pompidou

    Programme :

  • La Femme Rouge vomit ses mots (2002)
    de Marie Sochor
  • Sonja (2011)
    de Marianne Ploska
  • The Shape of the Gaze (2000)
    de Maïa Cybelle Carpenter
  • Autoportrait en 3’23 (2002)
    de Cécilia Rodriguez
  • La Princesse est indisposée, elle ne reçoit personne (2007)
    de Gabrielle Reiner
  • Pandrogeny Manifesto (2005)
    de Dionysos Andronis
  • Boucle noire (2006)
    de Denis Guéguin
  • Appolénus (2000)
    de Baptiste Lamy
  • Rosée Nocturne (2006)
    de Jean-Paul Noguès
  • Day’s night (2005)
    de Catherine Corringer
  • Date : 25/09/2011

    Lieu : Centre Pompidou - Cinéma 2


    le 25/09/2011 à 14h00

    Screening presented by Louis Dupont From the imaginary trip to the solitary walk, the interlacing of bodies and voices with settings or spaces is often linked to an inner landscape, to a feeling. - "L’eau, l’air et les songes" by Cécile Ravel - "Sea travels" by Anita Thacher - "Memosium" by Louis Dupont - "Where did Maria go?" by Viviane Vagh - "Wolkengestalt" by Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson - "Terrae" by Othello Vilgard - "Sleepers" by Stuart Pound - "Kokoro is for heart" by Philip Hoffman - "Mai" by Orlan Roy - "Dimanche" by Rodolphe Olcèse - "premier lieu : Venerque" by Damien Marguet

    Centre Pompidou

    Programme :

  • L’ Eau, l’air et les songes (2009)
    de Cécile Ravel
  • Sea Travels (1979)
    de Anita Thacher
  • Memosium (2002)
    de Louis Dupont
  • Where Did Maria Go? (2009)
    de Viviane Vagh
  • Wolkengestalt (2007)
    de Graeme Thomson, Silvia Maglioni
  • Terrae (2001)
    de Othello Vilgard
  • Sleepers (1974)
    de Stuart Pound
  • Kokoro is for heart (1999)
    de Philip Hoffman
  • Mai (2007)
    de Orlan Roy
  • Dimanche (2004)
    de Rodolphe Olcèse
  • premier lieu : Venerque (2005)
    de Damien Marguet
  • Date : 25/09/2011

    Lieu : Centre Pompidou - Cinéma 2


    le 24/09/2011 à 20h00

    Screening presented by Pip Chodorov (to be confirmed) These 8 films question our relationship to the optical illusion. The mimetic representation and the figures it creates are in a dialogue with the abstraction in order to propose a relationship to the time, inviting to a meditative contemplation. - "Mémoires filmiques" by Florence De Méredieu - "Voda" by Alexis Constantin - "Charlemagne 2 : Piltzer" by Pip Chodorov - "L'entre-deux" by Philippe Cote - "Autoportraits 1994-1998" by Olivier Fouchard - "Coming soon" by David Bart - "Incarnation (boy) Negative & Positive" by Tony Wu - "The Dante Quartet" by Stan Brakhage

    Centre Pompidou

    Programme :

  • Mémoires Filmiques (1981)
    de Florence De Mèredieu
  • Voda (2002)
    de Alexis Constantin
  • Charlemagne 2: Piltzer (2002)
    de Pip Chodorov
  • L’ Entre deux (2003)
    de Philippe Cote
  • Autoportraits 1994-1998 suivi de Chairs et sang (1998)
    de Olivier Fouchard
  • Coming Soon (2005)
    de David Bart
  • Incarnation (Boy) Negative & Positive (2003)
    de Tony Wu
  • The Dante Quartet (1987)
    de Stan Brakhage
  • Date : 24/09/2011

    Lieu : Centre Pompidou - Cinéma 2


    le 24/09/2011 à 17h00

    Screening presented by Sarah Darmon The human figure has links with the film material in order to mix each other and to disappear in light vibrations. - "Outlaw" by Ann Steuernagel - "Empreinte" by Xavier Baert - "Pulsions" by Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof - "Ai (Love)" by Takahiko Iimura - "Allegoria" by Stéphane Marti - "Ink" by Sarah Darmon - "Petit Enfer" by Raphaël Sevet - "Element" by Amy Greenfield - "Rencontre avec Franck" by Isabelle Blanche - "Visages perdus" by Alain Mazars - "Rose" by Robert Todd - "J." by Alexandre Larose et Solomon Nagler - "Film (Knout)" by Deco Dawson - "En-corps" by Colas Ricard - "Hymen" by Carole Arcega

    Centre Pompidou

    Programme :

  • Outlaw (2008)
    de Ann Steuernagel
  • Empreinte (2004)
    de Xavier Baert
  • Pulsions (2007)
    de Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof
  • AI (love) (1962)
    de Takahiko Iimura
  • Ink (2001)
    de Sarah Darmon
  • Petit Enfer (2006)
    de Raphaël Sevet
  • Element (1973)
    de Amy Greenfield
  • Rencontre avec Franck (1999)
    de Isabelle Blanche
  • Visages Perdus (1983)
    de Alain Mazars
  • Rose (2008)
    de Robert Todd
  • j. (2008)
    de Solomon Nagler , Alexandre Larose
  • Film (Knout) (1999)
    de Deco Dawson
  • En-Corps (2002)
    de Colas Ricard
  • Hymen (2003)
    de Carole Arcega
  • Date : 24/09/2011

    Lieu : Centre Pompidou - Cinéma 2


    le 24/09/2011 à 14h00

    Screening presented by Gérard Cairaschi Playing with images in order to foil them. Films and videos presented in this program have in commun the utilisation of shooting or editing system that play or foil the images. Optical games, plays using visual systems, games of collages/editing that put together or question images, examining our perception, playing with film possibilities of creating inexpected and unsettiling meetings. - "Da Movies" by Sandy Ressler - "Una vita" by Dominique Noguez - "Série BB N°2 Blanblan/noir ou ‘le savon noir’" by Carole Contant - "Janiceps" by Augustin Gimel - "Magia" by Gérard Cairaschi - "Maldoror" by Lucio Molinari et Daniel Alzate-Romero - "Black's Back" by Derek Woolfenden - "Au bord du lac" by Patrick Bokanowski - "Reconstitution" by Hélène Abram - "Et le cochon fut né" by Julius Ziz

    Centre Pompidou

    Programme :

  • Da Movies (1980)
    de Sandy Ressler
  • Una Vita (1981)
    de Dominique Noguez
  • Série BB N°2 Blanblan/noir ou ‘le savon noir’ (2008)
    de Carole Contant
  • Janiceps (2010)
    de Augustin Gimel
  • Magia (2010)
    de Gérard Cairaschi
  • Maldoror (2006)
    de Lucio Molinari, Daniel Alzate-Romero
  • Black’s Back (2009)
    de Derek Woolfenden
  • Au bord du lac (1994)
    de Patrick Bokanowski
  • Reconstitution (2005)
    de Hélène Abram
  • Et le cochon fut né (And the pig was born) (2000)
    de Julius Ziz
  • Date : 24/09/2011

    Lieu : Centre Pompidou - Cinéma 2


    le 23/09/2011 à 20h00

    Screening presented by Laurence Rebouillon and Marcel Mazé From the meeting between Marcel Mazé and Jonas Mekas for the screening of "Notes on the circus", that Marcel Mazé showed at Rencontres internationales de Hyères, is born the desire of creating the Collectif Jeune Cinéma on the model of the Film-Makers’ Cooperative in New York. Here an eclectif panorama of the filmmakers of the coop' first decade. - "Notes on the circus" by Jonas Mekas, - "Focalises" by Marcel Mazé, 1980 - "Le départ d’Eurydice" by Raphaël Bassan - "Merce Cunningham" by Jackie Raynal - "Ex-tension" by Jean-Paul Dupuis - "Celluloid Heroes" by Jérôme de Missolz - "Scène de ménage chez les gauchistes" by Pierre Merejkowsky - "Die Strassen sind voll von grossartigen Technikern" by Jürgen Salk - "Scopolamine" by Robert Withers

    Centre Pompidou

    Programme :

  • Notes on the circus (1966)
    de Jonas Mekas
  • Focalises (1980)
    de Marcel Mazé
  • Le Départ d’Eurydice (1969)
    de Raphaël Bassan
  • Merce Cunningham (1963)
    de Bernard Orthion, Patrice Wyers, Etienne Becker, Jackie Raynal
  • Ex-Tension (1988)
    de Jean-Paul Dupuis
  • Celluloid Heroes (1977)
    de Jérôme De Missolz
  • Scène de ménage chez les gauchistes (1979)
    de Pierre Merejkowsky
  • Die Strassen sind voll von grossartigen Technikern (1981)
    de Jürgen Salk
  • Scopolamine (1975)
    de Robert Withers
  • Date : 23/09/2011

    Lieu : Centre Pompidou - Cinéma 2

    Publication of collection CINÉMA HORS CAPITAL(E), Film Flamme

    le 30/06/2011 à 20h00

    The first issues of the books collection 'Cinéma Hors Capital(e)' published by Film Flamme are now available. The CJC filmmaker Rodolphe Olcèse has written an article for the issue #1 "La Remontée du Temps de Jean-François Neplaz".

    Film Flamme

    Date : 30/06/2011

    Lieu : Film Flamme

    The university dissertation by Sara D'Agostino

    le 30/06/2011 à 20h00

    Thu university dissertation written by Sara D'Agostino "Cinema sperimentale francese : il Collectif Jeune Cinéma″ (2001) is now available at the Kandinsky Library, Pompidou Centre.

    Bibliothèque Kandinsky

    Date : 30/06/2011

    Lieu : Bibliothèque Kandinsky

    le 14/12/2010 à 00h00

    News #11 - Le palmarès du festival

    Date : 14/12/2010

    Lieu : Site internet du CJC

    le 13/12/2010 à 00h00

    Programme :

  • Koh (2010)
    de Adam R. Levine
  • Rush (2009)
    de Maarten Rots
  • Flesh (2009)
    de Maarten Rots
  • Zone opaque - La matière (2009)
    de Smaranda Olcèse-Trifan
  • The Wealth of Nations (2010)
    de Bill Balaskas
  • Chasing Waves (2009)
    de Paul O’Donoghue
  • Light / Sound (2010)
    de Vicky Langan, Maximilian Le Cain
  • Lichtbälle (2009)
    de Stefan Möckel
  • 42_storie da un edificio mondo (2009)
    de Francesca Cogni
  • Pantocrator (2010)
    de Anita Renaud
  • Orissa (2010)
    de Philippe Cote
  • Date : 13/12/2010

    Lieu : Site internet du Collectif Jeune Cinéma

    le 15/11/2010 à 00h00

    Le site de Bref

    Date : 15/11/2010

    Lieu : Bref, le magazine du court-métrage

    le 01/09/2010 à 00h00


    Date : 01/09/2010

    Lieu : Collectif Jeune Cinéma

    le 31/03/2010 à 23h00

    X-PERIENCE sur le site de Pink TV

    Programme :

  • Lost Portraits (1985)
    de Ricardo Nicolayevsky
  • Loving Black (2007)
    de Baptiste Lamy
  • Date : 31/03/2010

    Lieu : Pink TV

    le 05/04/2010 à 00h00


    Date : 05/04/2010

    Lieu : Collectif Jeune Cinéma

    le 18/12/2009 à 00h00


    Date : 18/12/2009

    Lieu : Collectif Jeune Cinéma

    le 29/11/2009 à 12h00

    Première détonation !

    Date : 29/11/2009

    Lieu : Mains d'Oeuvres

    le 01/12/2009 à 20h30


    Date : 01/12/2009

    Lieu : Abracadabar

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